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If you think that cookbooks geared towards children are all about “kid friendly” (and mostly nutritionally devoid) foods like chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, you’re clearly not reading the same cookbooks as I am.  Authors and bloggers Beth Bader and Ali Benjamin both believe that having children should not automatically necessitate cooking one meal for the adults and a separate meal for the little ones.  And their book, The Cleaner Plate Club, proves that they know what they’re talking about.This gem of a cookbook covers all the bases.  Getting to know your vegetables.  Quick breakfast and lunch ideas.  Healthy dinners featuring all kinds of meats, and a superb selection of meatless meals.  And packed in between are pictures, fun little anecdotes about the author’s own kids, pertinent quotations and facts, and even educational blurbs covering topics from eating organically to the author’s own version of the “anti-diet:”

12.8.10: Cleaner Plates and Happy Bellies
Holly’s Culinary Nirvana

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