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Praise and Acclaim for The Cleaner Plate Club
by Beth Bader and Ali Wade Benjamin

“It’s like Michael Pollan for real people.”
— KCUR, Kansas City Public Media

“The Cleaner Plate Club” won’t tell you that you’re a bad parent because  your kid is a picky eater. Authors Beth Bader and Ali Benjamin won’t brag about how their own kids gulp down sushi or delight in mommy’s madefrom-scratch carrot souffle. They won’t even tell you that you have to be a stealth cook, hiding spinach in brownies and zucchini in mac ‘n’ cheese. They’ll just show you how to make simple, delicious, kid-friendly food, support you in your efforts to get it on the table and remind you that, if worse comes to worst (as it often does when the food critics are too young to crayon without supervision) tomorrow is another day.”
— Chicago Tribune

Before you dismiss it as another finger-pointing, eat-your-vegetables parenting book, be warned: It’s not. This book comes with lots of information, a witty sense of humor, and even an any-mistake-you-made-we-made-ittoo attitude.”
— USA Today

“This book is jammed with info: guidelines, pantry lists, meal-planning techniques and time-savers—yet the energetic authors make it feel as fresh as our next family dinner can be, with their plate-cleaning help. “
— BookPage

“This crayon-colored real-food manifesto from mommy bloggers Bader and Benjamin, gives parents plenty of ammo in the never-ending battle to get their kids to eat better.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Authors and bloggers Beth Bader and Ali Benjamin both believe that having children should not automatically necessitate cooking one meal for the
adults and a separate meal for the little ones. And their book, The Cleaner
Plate Club, proves that they know what they’re talking about.”
— Sacramento Book Review

“Keeping your resolution just got easier thanks to The Cleaner Plate Club, the incredibly engaging book by esteemed food bloggers Beth Bader and Ali Benjamin.”
— Mother Earth News